What is BMW Gesture Control?

Ever wanted to feel like a magician? Well, look no further because BMW Gesture Control has you covered. Specific hand motions make this feature active and lets you control certain functions on your car. Want to answer a phone call? Just point your finger. Want to ignore a call? Just swipe your hand away. Music too loud? Rotate your finger in a counter clockwise motion and it turns down. 

BMW Gesture Control is helping drivers become less distracted. With decisions that need to be made quickly on the road, BMW has become innovative in their technology to ensure both driver safety and convenience. Using simple hand gestures to perform various actions in your vehicle is just one of the ways that BMW is striving to achieve this safety. 

Below are the BMW Gesture Control Hand Gestures:

Accept a Call – Point to the BMW iDrive Touchscreen

Reject a Call – Swipe Your Hand to the Right 

Turn the Volume Up – Circle Your Finger Clockwise 

Turn the Volume Down – Circle Your Finger Counter-Clockwise 

Change Rearview Camera Angle –Create a Circle with Your Thumb and Forefinger 

Select Navigation/Custom Setting – Point to the Touchscreen with Two Fingers  


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